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Mail Order Brides: Key to Family Happiness

Are you tired of being alone and hope to find someone who’d be a faithful and supportive wife for the rest of your life? If you’ve already started with the search, you also know that such women are hard to find. Often, men think that they can easily find a suitable woman when they are ready to settle down, but when such time comes, all ladies seem either taken or not exactly family-focused. 

If you’ve voiced any of these concerns, you are not alone. Plenty of single gentlemen face the same challenges when they start thinking about creating their own family. The good news, practically any problem has a solution. Mail order brides can be the key to family happiness you seek. Of course, the phenomenon of mail order brides is associated with numerous myths and social stereotypes, so not every gentleman is ready to embark on an online dating adventure. So, we’re here to debunk some of those myths and tell you exactly who mail order brides are, why marrying a foreigner can become one of your best decisions, and give some tips on choosing a reliable dating site you will enjoy using.

Mail order brides: social stereotypes debunked

The first and probably the silliest stereotype about mail order brides is that one can literally order a person by mail. Sure, the term does sound a bit confusing, but nowhere in this world can you order a real person from the Internet.  The term implies only that you can communicate with the ladies online and should you find a perfect match, this lady will usually relocate to your home country. That’s it.

The second thing most people believe is that all mail order brides are ready to marry anyone just to escape their poor or dangerous countries. This, once again, is not true because not all brides come from poor and dangerous countries. You can find plenty of women from Western, as well as Eastern, Europe — and the level of living in those states is quite high. In fact, even the level of living in Asia is higher than most Westerners imagine. Besides, it’s not that easy to leave your friends and families behind, along with the cultural setting you’re used to.

What drives these women, then? Here, the reasons can be very different, and the exact location may help find a more specific answer. Latin America, for example, is full or gorgeous-looking, hard-working women who are taken for granted. It’s socially acceptable for husbands and boyfriends to cheat on their wives and girlfriends, and sooner or later, beautiful ladies get sick and tired of that. Russia in particular and Slavic countries in general still suffer from an unevenly skewed male-female ratio — courtesy of WWII that can still be felt today, even though not as drastically. Asian countries remain highly traditionalist and patriarchal, which becomes stiffening for new generations of ladies. 

All in all, the reasons are plenty, and some of these reasons may not be that different from yours. Just think about it — if you’re disappointed by the local matches, foreign women may share the same concerns (even though, they probably have other reasons for the actual disappointment). Then again, it’s not always easy or downright possible to combine personal life and work. Family matters may also play a part in that. 

Bottom line, mail order brides are simply single ladies looking for love. Their reasons may be different, but their goals are pretty similar — they want to find a loving husband to share their life with, and they are ready to relocate to a foreign country if they meet the right match. 

What to expect from a foreign bride

Of course, women are very different even within the same country, so it would be impossible to answer this question — not precisely, at least. Mail order brides services operate all over the world, and they deal with a variety of ladies from a variety of countries.  One can say, for example, that Latin brides are exquisitely beautiful and devoted to children. Asian ladies are reserved and hard-working, and they will make excellent partners no matter what life difficulties you face as a couple. Slavic brides are fair and intelligent, and they are excellent homemakers who can combine household chores and impressive careers without too much difficulty. 

Still, no matter their cultural and individual differences, mail order brides do have some common traits. These traits have nothing to do with nationality or age. It’s all about their personality type — what kind of woman would it take to register with an online brides service?

Smart and confident: a person who has no confidence would never think about changing one’s life so drastically. A person who is not smart would never want to move to another cultural and linguistic setting. Such a move requires a huge learning curve — of the language, traditions, social norms, etc. And, mail order brides are smart enough to prevail over these challenges. They’re smart, and they know it.

What a foreign bride expects from you

Another question that does not have a precise answer. As you may have guessed, Latino women are interested in their husbands’ fidelity. Slavic brides are usually looking for a caring partner who could also challenge them intellectually. Asian women will never fall in love with a man who cannot take the lead. Still, cultural differences and expectations aside, what would a wife want from a husband? Even though little details will differ, we’ll try to point out some universal guidelines for a happy marriage:

Things to consider when joining a mail order brides website

Now that you see how marrying a foreign bride can be an excellent idea, the question is — where to find one? The good part is — there are plenty of totally legitimate mail order bride services that will never scam you out of your money. Such sites treat anti-fraud security with all seriousness. Many platforms have local offices where they personally interview the brides and check their IDs (along with marital statuses). Professional services monitor their site activity and regularly check in with the ladies to make sure none of their profiles were hacked. They also supply ladies with professional shoots to have their websites look presentable. 

All of the above operations explain why mail order brides sites are not free. There is plenty of background work involved, and this work has to be paid for. It ensures high security and enjoyable user experience. However, to make sure the experience is really enjoyable, one will need to consider several important aspects rather than join any random site that pops in your search results.

First of all, you’ll need to decide which region your perfect lady comes from. We’ve briefly touched upon some cultural aspects, but the actual choice will usually go down to the type of women you like. Obviously, if you rave about sexy Latino brides, you will not consider Asians — no matter how intelligent or kind they may be. When you decide on a broader region, you can either look for platforms that operate with the entire continent or focus on just one country. Both options are absolutely viable, but it may be difficult to pick just one country from the list — especially if you have little cultural insight about this region and its states. A good suggestion would be to create profiles on several websites and take a good look at the user pictures. It’s free, but it may take some time.

As you look at the profile section on several websites, consider each platform’s billing logic as well. Some sites charge a monthly subscription that allows you to communicate with the ladies. Communication means usually include letters and live chats.  Other services will ask clients to pay for every communication medium they’ve used. On the one hand, it allows you to pay only for the services you’re using (instead of ordering a bulk subscription that includes features you may not need). On the other one, it may prove to be pricier. So, make some calculations on the go.

Finally, choose in favor of sites that can ensure travel and relocation help. When you just register, you may not think about it. But when you find a good match, you may yet live to regret such carelessness. After all, it’s not always easy to plan a trip to a country you know nothing about; and, it may prove even more challenging to get all the necessary paperwork for marriage. So, it’s nice to have professional experts settle this issue for you.

Also, mind that finding the best match out of thousands stunning mail order brides takes time and patience. Do not make any conclusions until you spend enough time with the lady. Visit her once or twice — maybe even visit a couple of brides to make sure you’re not missing out on anyone. 

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