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What is the key to happiness? Mail order brides!

Loneliness is a large issue for every modern man and woman. After the festive days of the 20s are over, people want to settle down, create a family, have kids, and buy a comfortable house suitable for a family. But the thing is that when you turn 30 or 40 and wanna have all that, it turns out that there are no women around, who would like to settle down with you. Or they are all taken (as other men don’t ignore the course of time and marry in their 20s to establish a family and raise kids). Anyway, there turn no family-focused women to be nearby.

Not only you have such concerns: millions of men all over the world do. But today, unfortunately, stereotypes, myths, and negative light of mail order wives can prevent your desire to engage in the search of your another half on the Internet. These we are going to debunk in our article, describing the pros and cons of foreign women, focusing on why they are profitable for a man. 

First and most important to know – finding a wife abroad is not something connected to human trafficking. You are not pointing a finger in a catalog and some sneaky fellow comes to her country, captures a girl in a net and brings her to you, while you give him 5 grand of dough in exchange. After that, you keep a mail order bride in a cellar, like in some freakish horror movie. No! That’s not like that at all when you buy a bride online! If you do not consider “I spit on your grave – 2” horror movie (where a girl is abducted from the US and taken to some cellar in Bulgaria with the purpose of you know what), mail order brides in the 21st century are nothing like human trafficking and abduction. Today, it is a unit of two willing and consenting adults, who find each other thanks to a website dedicated to getting in touch and further dating. Let’s consider below more.

What is a mail order bride: social stereotypes debunked

You are definitely familiar with a notion ‘Mail-order bride’, which may still be (sadly) associated with a process, where you are ordering a person by mail through some catalog. It’s like to buy a wife from a supermarket. Or as if a prostitute. Although there are catalogs of men and women online – with many of them seeing themselves as brides and grooms in some nearest future – it would be an appalling exaggeration to say that someone actually ‘orders’ a person from the catalog. As we’ve already said, there is nothing about human trafficking. So, how to find a wife:

  1. You register on a dating site (which is, basically, a large catalog of men and women)
  2. Fill in the questionnaire and submit some documents (the latter may not be required by some particular website)
  3. Your profile is verified and approved to take part in the catalog
  4. You do the search for people you’re interested in and write them in order to say hello and that you’re interested in knowing them more
  5. You chat with those who reply you back and if you have mutual gravitation – you can arrange an offline meeting
  6. During the meeting, one of you visits the country of another and during the dates, you either have this mutual chemistry or not. 

Apparently, this looks more like a process of regular dating, which starts on the Internet, not offline, as most dates start.

The term ‘mail order brides’ is often used today considering even the above-described process, although it has long ago stopped being a ‘mail-order’ process. When exactly? With the occurrence of the Internet and its nice speed. When people started having personal smartphones, the process significantly increased its development. However, the term is so old and firmly established in the society that it has not yet transformed into something different. 

Another thing that most people afraid of is that your future wife coming from some third-world country will only marry you for the visa or Green Card. You’ve probably heard hundreds of stories that support such a fear and even some of them are seen on the TV (particularly, in a TV soap consisting of 7 seasons “Orange Is the New Black”, where a jail warden married to a Russian wife faces difficulties with her and, eventually, she divorces him). That is still the case for many – and some countries have even enacted laws prohibiting their citizens to marry foreigners (at all or more than some number of times), and making it critically difficult to obtain citizenship by such Internet brides (just to secure their countries from the influx of mail order brides from abroad). But, first of all, ladies are checked at the criminal and economic background when they are registered on the dating sites (as well as they indicate the reason for their desire to move to another country and if there is visa obtaining only – they are disallowed to communicate to men). Upon the request of a man, an additional check of a lady can be performed. Also, you should be a wise man yourself to chat and date with a woman for some prolonged time in order to know her intentions. If all these didn’t help – still, a mail order wife has to live with you like 3-10 years in a marriage in order to be eligible to obtain citizenship. And during this time, you can discover her true intentions. If she’s here for a visa only – then you can always divorce her before filing documents for citizenship. Divorce is not hard to do today (especially if you sign a marriage contract before the wedding to make it simple and quick).

Another reason why some men consider that foreign brides are a bad idea is the possibility of fraud. Yes, it can happen if you register on some no-name dating sites (not the ones, which we offer you to look at and use). The thing is that there are two possible frauds:

  1. The site itself: a costly subscription, a lot of payments for essential actions on the site, without which you’re not allowed to do anything
  2. Ladies on the sites: they are asking you for gifts and money transfers. 

It is very easy to fight with both. In the first case, you should study the policy of the dating site in terms of cost and payments and deny using it if it does not suit you or you see that the usage costs you too much money. In the second case, immediately stop communicating with that girl and report about her actions to the administration of the site. As a rule, she is blocked in meager hours or days. If after your complaint she is still active on the site – stop using this site, as she is definitely a part of the fraud scheme that the site had established.  

Normal dating sites and ladies on them will not deplete your wallet and will not ask gifts and money from you to send. The only money relations that you should have with a dating site and people there is the membership fee paid directly to the site and access some premium features.

You, certainly, can lend money to some girl – but only after you see her in person, take a copy of her financial and personal documents, conclude a contract of lending money with strict indication of involved parties, amount, term, interest rate, available collateral – and by registering this as a financial document in a notary or according to your legislation. If a girl denies that – send her to a bank for an official loan if she needs money.

Another stereotype people consider existing: if you’re seeking a mail order bride online, then it is something wrong with you both. But the thing is that a man could seek for a woman simply because he can’t find a bride in his ambiance, who would be caring, attentive, loving, and prone to family values. It is so true for the developed economies today: women tend to build careers instead of engaging in a family and kids. Men, on the contrary, increasingly more seek some nice lady to build a family with. The discrepancy that occurs makes a skew: fewer women want to marry while more men do. Eventually, men are simply pushed to seek their happiness outside of the country.

And the last stereotype that still arouses in the heads of people: if a person is registered on a dating site, he or she is seeking only for paid love. While there are websites out there, where men and women offer their ultra-short-term services of paid love, this is not the case with the websites that we highlight on our pages. Certainly, not literally everyone is tuned at having only marriage – there are other degrees of relations (like friendship, spending time together, traveling together, and have fun). But we directly discourage the rendering of paid services – and so we exclude websites from our catalog if they do not delete the profiles of such people. Thus, you can be sure and secured from such people on dating websites, which are tuned at finding a long-term connection. 

Mail order brides by countries

Now, let’s consider the most common reasons why people leaving their country, country-wise:

As the bottom line: women escape their native lands in the search for bigger stability, a better future for selves and their children – but they do want to do it with a reliable and caring man, whom they are searching at the dating sites. 

What to expect from a foreign bride

It is impossible to give a straightforward answer to the question, what is the best country to find a wife, as there are no two same people in the world. Also, there are huge differences based on the country of origin. We can, however, generalize some traits of legit mail order brides:

  1. From Latin American mail order brides, you can expect the ability to cook deliciously, look groomed all the time, dance and make love passionately, cherish family values, along with having a tight connection to their family and giving support to the members of it.
  2. From Eastern European women and Slavic mail order brides, you can expect warmness of heart with the ability to cover you with love headlong, generosity and openness towards guests, cooking delightfully, knowing how to please a man when he is returning after work, and taking care of their appearance on a high level.
  3. From Asian real mail order brides, you can expect a lot of traditions that fill up their lives, interesting cuisine with a lot of healthy dishes, humbleness and cherishing a man in a family as a half-god, not disputing his authority in making decisions, and sticking to the cleanliness of the house and the body.
  4. From Indian mail order brides, you can expect very differing cuisine, humbleness and ability to work hard, taking care of home and kids, and big loving hearts.

And, as soon as we’re talking about mail order brides, i.e., women who leave their countries to move abroad to a completely new society – we simply have to mention their patience and high adaptability. And it definitely takes courage to move and change their lives dramatically.

What a foreign bride expects from you

Together with the things that a mail order bride gives you, she also expects some things in return. As a rule, these are:

  1. Love and care.
  2. Safety and reliability of life.
  3. The ability to make money for living to provide your family. An established job with even average income (considering the economy norms of your country) for the biggest part of mail order brides is one of the best things they could hope for. For the US, let’s say, $70,000 a year is quite a decent income for any mail order bride, who could only dream about that income of her husband in her native land (it is normally to earn 10-20 times lesser than that in their countries for men or women).
  4. The desire to have children. Surely, what marriage is that without kids? 90%+ of mail order brides consider it important, while others don’t feel like kids are a necessary part of the equation of family happiness. In either case, you will pick a woman according to your goals.

If you’re just a normal guy with a loving and caring heart – you can win the heart of nearly any mail order bride.

Things to consider when joining a mail order brides website

There are basically no worries you should experience when you join this or that dating site (as soon as you pick a nice one from our list in order to avoid scams). 

  1. Prepare a few presentable pictures of you. You will upload them to your profile to increase the chances to be contacted by other users.
  2. Be ready to answer all the asked questions truthfully.
  3. If there is a need – to undergo additional examination and checks initiated by the administration of an international marriage service.

Everyone today is able to find a bride and own happiness – and you too!

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