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  • Popular age: 18 - 50
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Pros and cons

  1. The platform is a fully-featured service
  2. Safety
  3. High-quality assistance in communication;
  4. Intuitive design
  1. No mobile App

Adult Friend Finder Evaluation

Adult Friend Finder is the vanguard website of Adult Friend Finder Networks, a well-built online dating platform that has a huge community of men and women looking for an open-minded sexual relationship both online and offline. Among the other dating platforms, this one holds #1 in the number of members. Established back in 1996, Adult Friend Finder has developed itself steady reputation overtime, thus competing easily even with numerous modern simplified dating platforms and apps. It is the best place on the web for the lonely and engaged in the relationship alike, as it provides the much-desired sexual satisfaction for any user. The site itself has a plethora of features to satisfy those hungry for sex: online-chat, webcam-chats, live conversations and many more. Easy to register in and user-friendly service makes sure nobody is left without attention. It is hard to find a better place on the web for a quick and easy sexual relationship.

The main description

This site has all the features of a standard dating platform and plenty more. Adult Friend Finder is a cut above the rest dating platforms as it provides multiple additional features to make the process of finding a sexual match engaging, sexual and emotional. AFF is much better than any other as it is a unique combination of an adult dating website, social network, and blog, streaming and dating platform, which not only provides the possibility to meet a lover but also gives a lot of resources to contribute to the process. The platform itself even has an online sex course that will allow its members to step up their game in the sheets and make their experience even more enjoyable. This sexuality boosting platform has its own point system that makes the match-seeking experience entertaining and playful, arousing its already horny participants even more. The point system which is the in-built currency can be earned by the user’s actions or simply bought for the real money with a credit card. You can use the points in a playful way to reinforce the other people, whose photos and videos you enjoy, open access to some dirty and erotic content, acquire a cost-free subscription, win different bonuses  and open the parts of the website that were locked before.

People registering on the website can do whatever they want, either it will be a laid-back scrolling and choosing the favorite profiles or committing the active style of communication, that will include naughty webcam chats, initiating virtual sex with Connexion feature. Connexion feature deserves special attention as it is a unique tool of connection with your virtual sex partner. This feature will allow advances in sexual communication and even usage of sex-toys during the process. People who do not donate money or pay for a membership are allowed passive communication, as their options of initiating a connection with other members of the website are limited. It is recommended to use the maximum of the free membership and completely fill all the profile sections and attach some nice pictures to attract other members.

If passive communication doesn’t sound like a good option and you want some more engaging and active experience then a paid subscription is a way to go to unlock all the various tools Adult Friend Finder has in its arsenal. Subscribers with paid membership are able to text any profile they want without additional costs, but some video materials still require a fee to be unlocked. Still, Adult Friend Finder is the platform where your actions are involvement are rewarded and the massive amount of participants will provide endless possibilities of interaction and communication. Your experience with AFF will never be dull and eventless.

The website itself boasts 25 million + views monthly. The visitor’s average time on the website is 10 minutes 10 seconds,  and the average view is 19 profiles per each visit. The biggest portion of the community comes from the USA (staggering 54% of all members), the other big parts of users are located in Canada and the UK. AFF is ranked #42 among the online dating platforms (adult video sites included) and has #713 rank worldwide.

The number one online sex-labyrinth in the world of dating websites, AFF keeps growing daily with members number increasing daily, and never ceases to increase the experience to its current subscribers. Visitors with various different sexual goals come on the website, so finding yourself a perfect match with mutual intentions is incredibly easy.  Then the members choose what they want to do: chat online, engage in virtual sex, or meet in person for some old-fashioned communication. Adult Friend Finder is not only a dating website, with all its various features and a huge community, but it is also a place to fulfill yourself sexually and express your lusty inner self in an open-minded and liberal prejudice-free community. This is why AFF still stands to be the best site for meeting new sexual partners, especially in the casual dating category.

Deep Analysis

Let’s dive deeper into the world of judgment-free and playful experience with Adult Friend Finder. As AFF has multiple unique features to stand out among other dating websites, a particular analysis is required to introduce this refreshing sexual experience to a new user. Let’s give it a look.

Login and Registration 

Sign-up on AFF is an easy and user-friendly process that can be done within a few minutes. After the home-page is loaded, a new user is offered to select their sexual orientation from the available list that has categories like: one man, one woman, a group, a couple (two males), a couple (two females) along with the other sexual orientations like transgender, transsexual, and etc.The  sexual orientation category allows to choose only one option, but in the list of people you are looking to meet the user can choose as many options as they want. Then you will need to fill in the standard details like date of birth, country of origin, and postal code. Step two if the registration will include entering the email address, username and password creation, and a brief introduction.

Logging in to AFF is allowed via the usage of username and password, or email and password. Though small, this feature is great as you will not need to memorize your username to enter Adult Friend Finder.

Users and Communication 

AFF provides options for email, chat, and video communication and some passive interactions as liking photos/profiles. The main page has great navigation as it organizes the first 48 matches by online status, time of registration, location, and VIP. The other part of the main page navigates to the profile info and updates feed. When a certain user’s update becomes popular by the portion of feedback, it is shown on the updates feed in a form of fresh pictures and videos added. These updates provide a great way to interact with a person as you can like or comment on whatever you see there.

Other users are easily found by the well-organized search with separate categories like search by location, by preferences or ability to look through different sections of the website, like for example “What’s Hot” section bursting with the captivating and naughty profiles, pictures or videos. Until you make any changes to your settings, the website content is not filtered, so you will be able to find suggestive videos, pictures and profile pages. Of course, video plays a pivotal role among all interactions, so kinky online webcam chats are always available for those who want to fire themselves up and engage in some entertaining activities like virtual sex.

Even after all the updates, Adult Friend Finder sticks to its original idea and comes with different sex chat options, for example, liking game, choosing favorite users or become somebody’s favorite and various adult photo contests, different sex forums and discussions, online sexual courses. Above mentioned online sexual courses go as far as giving certificates to the students who passed. The students can post the certificates on their profile to prove their sexual quality and proficiency and attract more people. Full (or not so) self-expression is the main advantage of AFF, as the user allowed to fill in as much personal data as they find acceptable, create different adult blogs, join chats and discussions, create chat rooms, posy private albums with pictures/videos, and so on. On top of that, the website offers different online tests to help you define your sexuality and desires. The tests are many and they include a personality test, sexuality test and miscellaneous questions about sexual preferences. AFF understands that everybody has their unique kinks and preferences and it makes it easy for you to find members with mutual sexual appetites. The website allows to display your sexual interests, publicly show your kinks, and answer various open questions about your sexuality and preferences.

Adult Friend Finder Online application 

The Adult Friend Finder App is currently not present, but the website itself can be viewed from a cell phone browser. The site has the mobile version so the navigation from your mobile browser will be as easy and pleasant as on your computer. Mobile version is made smaller in comparison to the computer version to make the mobile navigation convenient., but still, the site allows you to switch from mobile to desktop version if you feel more comfortable with it.

Main Features 

·         Detailed and well-designed search allows advanced filtering that includes filters varying from the body proportions and race to favorite kinks and erotic preferences.

·         A huge live community that is present in online chats, webcam chats, sexual forums, etc.

·         Multiple tools and features give an opportunity for a user to choose passive or active communication in both private and group interactions.

·         Live chats and webcam with Connexion tool allow you to step up the virtual sex to the whole new level.

·         The website has tips and template messages that will allow a member to break the ice and start communication.

Advantages and disadvantages


·         Trusty platform with a large community

·         Multiple options to find a good partner

·         Different ways to express yourself sexually: personal pages, video-chats. Etc.


·         No official ratio of men and women on the platform

Security and Reliability 

Adult Friend Finder is a completely secure site with certificate, which means that all financial operations on the platform ate protected with 256-bit encryption. The website itself also employs additional tools to protect user information. All personal information is stored in the modern data-center located in Santa-Clara, California. Users are required to provide their ID to make sure that communication includes real people only.

In conclusion

Is Adult Friend Finder a great online platform for meeting potential lovers? To some it is a miracle, to some it is a no-go. What can be said for sure is that with AFF you know what you are looking for and you get it. Amazing, engaging and tempting sexual experience without hypocrisy and wasting your precious time. Everything else depends on you.

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