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What do we know about Russian brides

You probably have a relative, colleague or friend, who has a Russian dating bride or personally knows someone who has one. Marrying women from abroad, not only Russian women, is a trend that lasts for centuries for men. Everything started in the 1600s when there were not enough women in plenty of new settlements, which men – explorers of new lands – organized. Thousands of those who came to new territories of the US in search of gold, food, and lands, were alone and did not have wives and children. Some share of them died but some succeeded and settled in a bunch of new places. Eventually, they needed a wife to continue their family and have descendants. The surest way was to make an announcement in newspapers. When women read them and decided to give it a try, they were lettering to each other and thus, some inflow of women to new settlements was organized. 

At first, the process was terribly slow, as things largely depended on horse carriages, which not only were slow-going but were robbed by a ton of bandits around (not only parcels and valuables but also letters were often lost). With the occurrence of trains to new cities and towns, the delivery of letters and new people started to be faster. Eventually, after the occurrence of the Internet, the process was launched internationally. But this time, it has become much lesser about downshifting and much bigger about up-shifting. Women from poorer countries today strive to move to wealthier countries, while men are happy about such spouses because they are less demanding, totally depending on them (at least, for the first several years due to visa issues but can also be tied to men forever – as children are born and these women do not work but become housewives). 

Today, we are covering the issue of Russian brides, looking at their pluses and minuses, consider nice dating Russian mail order bride websites to find them, and look at traditions of Russia and peculiarities of these women. Here we go!

What actions to do to find beautiful Russian women

In today’s world, it is much better to meet a Russian girl online than offline. The only exclusion from this rule is meeting someone at work, as you spend 9+ hours at work each day from Mon to Fri. Doing it online, you can find the solid basis of already registered users, who specifically gathered here for the purpose of finding love or some other type of match (which can be making new friends, having an occasional or long-lasting sex partner, and other things, like traveling together, going outside together, and having fun). Most often, girls are seeking romance with continuation – which is in most cases, marriage to a nice guy. It will not matter from which country you’re seeking for brides – from Russia, Japan, or Austria. If they are here, they are already here for a reason, which is dating to find someone to match. So, the only thing that you have to take care of is to find a good site for registration and moving on. Below, by the end of the article, we are considering exactly such sites. We’ve done the job so you don’t have to worry about it. Just skip the googling and go to an interesting part of your searches. 

Facts about Russian wives

  1. Your Russian woman comes from the world’s least friendly country (according to many polls and surveys). It is impossible to tell whether this is going to ever change in Russia but you may be surprised how many scowled pictures all Russians have online. Even amongst the smiling pictures in their profiles on dating sites, hot Russian women are likely to have several or most non-smiling ones. This is just normal, you have to get used to it. 
  2. Despite grumpiness, Russian mail order brides are insanely beautiful. And that is not some ‘exotic’ beauty of hot Brazilians with their chocolate bodies, large bumps, and boobs. And not ‘ebony attraction’ of some Nicaraguans, which have petite bodies and darker-than-coal skin. And not the refinement of Asians, with all ranges of colors of their skin, from white as marble to brown as hazelnut. This is a standard ‘Northern’ white beauty, which is considered classical by many people of the West. In addition to natural beauty, those lovely girls wear fancy clothes even on the streets just for a walk and apply nice makeup nearly 24/7. You cannot meet Russian bride without makeup – unless she is not just out of the shower, she wears makeup, which makes her prettier. With makeup, some hide imperfections of their skin. However, they are classily different from ‘all-natural’ anti-fashionistas feminine females of the West, which are mostly ugly and don’t care about own appearance. This is a pitiful trend of recent decades, which pushes many men of economically developed countries to search for and find brides of Russia, Ukraine, and other foreign countries, who are true beauties and make sure to keep up with the beauty all the time.
  3. She believes in a lot of superstitions. They differ from region to the region of Russia and every family may even have one or two own pieces of superstition. For instance, you can’t whistle in the premise, can’t walk under the ladder, can’t spill the salt or cross the way to a black cat. Don’t break the mirror. Women can wear only white at marriage. It is forbidden to tell anyone own plans because they won’t come true. When you do tell, then you have to knock on the wood 3 times to prevent it from not happening. Throw a pinch of salt over your left shoulder if you have spilled it, to eliminate the badness that it caused in the whirling energy of an ether that is all around us (mythology, we know). This is just the beginning and it would take a dozen of voluminous books to describe all superstitions that Russian wives may have and that exist in Russia. 

Why do Russian brides wanna hook up foreign citizens?

  1. One of the large strivings of your future Russian bride may be the desire to escape from ground and water pollution and to move to a healthier environment, as many cities of Russia are polluted because of heavy production so much that people there live 20-40 years lesser on average than in the EU. For instance, Norilsk, the heavyweight champion in pollution, is so dirty that it is economically profitable to mine its ground surface. That is why the average age of Russian citizens today is 38.8 years and a quarter of men there die before 55.
  2. Not all women can find their happiness simply because in 144-million population there are 11 million more women than men (which means that roughly every tenth potential Russian bride is incapable of finding a match). Definitely, it is worth trying to find their happiness abroad. Also, the skew is because of the natural death rate, which is significantly higher in men than in women (females live 10 years longer on average).
  3. While it is historically so that Russians are very distrustful, aggressive, and wolf-like to everyone, the newest generation understands that being so means taking a lose-lose position. So, one of the strong reasons why Russian singles want to escape from their country is to escape from people filled with an ocean of bile.

Why Russian girls consider moving abroad?

  1. They think it is hard to grow in the society of distrust and turbulence, with the all-decreasing level of social support and economy. Beautiful Russian girls want to find a safe harbor to live, have children and raise them. Previously, in the times of the USSR, they did not have an opportunity to escape from the country. Today, with open borders, they have it and they actively use it.
  2. As the desire to live a better life is obvious and understood, along with that, they wish to find some nice man, who will cherish and support them, give love and attention, nice presents and great sex. A lot of such men are on the West.
  3. Russian girls for marriage simply don’t understand when foreign men apply for permanent living in Russia. Why would anybody want to move in when everyone wants to move out? 

Why Russian women are beneficial for foreign men: more reasons?

  1. There are hundreds of thousands of churches in Russia and each year, thousands of new arise. This country of the world is the most immersed in faith based on the number of churches per capita. So, highly likely, your Russian mail order bride is going to be religious and if you are too, you can share that.
  2. If you admire the number of bridges in Venice, then you are going to be shocked by the number of them in Saint Petersburg, as it has three times more bridges than Venice does. Although, their number is not immediately obvious, as the S.P. is huge, a hundred times bigger than Venice. So yes, if you move your future Russian lady originating from S.P. to a city and country with no bridges, she may be melancholic. 
  3. It has incredible natural diversity in plants and animals and many people, not living in cities, live close to nature in all its flamboyance. That is why when you two go on a picnic she will not make it a tragedy that an ant is in her sandwich. 

Why Russian women are a good choice for men from the West?

  1. She can be not prone to learning English, as her native language is one of the most spoken in the world. However, increasingly more young Russians understand that knowing English is more than just a whim, and they won’t be able to live a normal modern life without English knowledge. However, it is still possible to meet a phenomenon of Russian wife with no English and chat with her even using Google Translate, which is not a problem, though. You can ask for an interpreter when you are on a date – when you date Russian beauties in person. And if you really like a girl, then the next obvious step is to make her a proposal, while enrolling her in a language course in Russia so she starts raising her level at least before the wedding. After it, when in your country and home, you can give her a better English language education with a tutor or in good English classes.
  2. What about dancing? In addition to modern dances, which you can meet in a variety of discos and in nightclubs, some pretty Russian girls also know folk dancing, which is something coming from simple people. So simple that even the word ‘simple’ may be too sophisticated to describe what they are. The same goes for Russian folk dancing. It is very easy in technique but it is entertaining.
  3. Did you think that a ‘lot of tea’ is connected to Brits only? No, an average Russian drinks 6 times more tea than average American. Coffee, on the contrary, isn’t a favorite drink in Russians, so its consumption is lower than at our homeland.

Other reasons to choose Russian women as mail order brides

  1. She probably drinks a lot, the entire range of alcoholic beverages can be to her liking, simply because it is firm in her culture. Up to 2011, beer was not even considered an alcoholic drink in Russia. Also, it is allowed to drink beer and even wine on a bench in a park without being arrested (as, most likely, police officers will be drinking at this moment the same sitting on a bench close to you). This means in practice that obtaining a Russian bride, your social and home drinking will be supported, not condemned.
  2. She will likely have a lot of friends amongst other women of your circle but it is unlikely that she will be having male friends because it is so in Russia, that friendship is very gender-separated. Whilst it is more than easy to find a friendship between girls and guys in the US and the UK, it is nearly impossible in Russia. Maybe you will change that in her after you make her come to your house, in a while.
  3. Russians are not as open and friendly in chitchat. Most likely than not, they are neither thanking nor saying ‘please’. You will have to change that as you make her socialized in your society.

Why girls from Russia are great for marriage? Other reasons

  1. Russia has a very deep penetration of gadgets among people. Approximately 1.8 cell phones are registered per 1 person, for instance. So your Russian wife is going to have at least one. Along with it, there is high computer literacy. 
  2. When you marry her in Russia, then you should know that after establishing your relations officially, you have to take a tour of the city, visiting its famous or popular sightseeing or historical places. Consider it a very tiny version of a honeymoon (as Russians do not go to honeymoon, they just get back to work the next day). Also, to officialize your marriage, you do not go to a church, you go to the department of an official governmental body for marriages, births, and deaths registration, which is located in one of the old big buildings having grotesque shapes. But you can go on a honeymoon with your Russian bride, taking her to your country or to some resort right after the wedding.
  3. She comes from a country with a large history full of disturbances but it is also a country with a huge love for art amongst intelligent people. The world’s biggest museum, “Hermitage” (the “Legacy”) in Saint Petersburg, includes 3,000,000 pieces of art. If you look at every one of them for only 20 seconds, it takes you 1 year of pure time to see everything.

How to date Russian women

Dating single Russian women are much simpler than women of the West. They don’t need so many verification steps from you (about your solvency, character, habits, demeanor, work, social status, that you love her, and other things). They are not so demanding in all these and being just ‘nice’ in those is quite fine enough. Thus, you cut off a large chunk of time in your get-together. 

She is quite straight in her emotions, feelings, and words that she says. Certainly, there is no ground to believe that she is just a simpleton from a village but there is no reason to expect her to be a rare combination of enigma, charisma, mystery, wisdom, and entanglement. It is much better and more fun to chat with her and really enjoy a simple conversation. If you have anything on your mind to tell her – just tell, it’s easy.

What Russian brides prefer during dating (online or offline)?

Following those steps, you should win a heart of not only real Russian brides but also of other brides from around the world:

How to recognize a good Russian wife?

The best Russian dating sites to consider

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