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Why men choose Ukrainian brides

In today’s article, we are going to talk about the advantages of Ukrainian women, why men of the West choose them over women of their country and habitat and will consider nice dating sites, where your dream about a wonderful wife can come true. 

Facts about Ukrainian women

It is for the facts about Ukrainian brides that men of the West often choose them to be wives. It is truly uneasy to find someone with the same high qualities as Ukrainians. Below, we are covering the utmost facts about hot Ukrainian women so you get your share of truth about those lovely ladies. 

Nearly all Ukrainian brides are wonderful in appearance

If you look closely at top models of the world, you can see that a fair share of them come from Ukraine. Single Ukrainian women increasingly more step at catwalks and occupy glamorous magazines for women and glossy ones for men. Their faces are so popular and diverse that you won’t even think about that one of your favorite chicks can be Ukrainian by origin. To name a few, which you see every day: Mila Kunis and Milla Jovovich. And no, not every girl from Ukraine is named ‘Mila’ or ‘Milla’, as these two named together are just the coincidence. Okay, here are other examples: Vera Farmiga, Olga Kurylenko, and Erika Eleniak. And though not a woman (but still): Steven Spielberg! The wonderful land of Ukraine is so filled with talented people of all kinds that naming every, in every direction, even a small droplet of those whom you might know as they moved to the West, will take a separate book. You can google for yourself if you’re interested in this topic. In meanwhile, we’re moving to the next fact.

Absolutely delicious cuisine – many call it the best in the world

And this is not just about going to the restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine at times. It actually means that your Ukrainian girl will pamper you with mega-delicious yummies like borsch, cabbage rolls, and pirogies, which all are national Ukrainian dishes. Also, she knows how to make a huge amount of salads (which are definitely not the types of salads that you used to eat but once you try, it will be impossible to refrain yourself from eating them over and over, so amazing they are). Also, you are going to be thrilled about how Ukrainian mail order brides can cook all sorts of meat & fish. Cakes from the oven that you know are going to boom to another level with a Ukrainian bride. Even the fried potatoes will be added with astonishing pickled cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, zucchinis, which on top of everything are polished with 100-200 grams of finest vodka right from the refrigerator or a bottle of nice wine, which amazingly combines with all these. With a wife from Ukraine, you will not recall hunger anymore as a part of your life and pretty soon, you will find that what you have eaten before turned completely pale compared to what she cooks at your home kitchen. This is going to be a significant turn in your life. 

You are going to love Sushi, together with your wife from Ukraine

Sushi in Ukraine is more popular than in Japan. Despite the enormous amount of rice that takes 85% of the entire body of sushi on average and terrifying price on this dish in Ukraine, people eat it over and over. While you are going to be delighted with her amazing result in the kitchen, she’ll be delighted with cheap sushi in your city. And if they are of high quality, your entire family’s go-out will end up in a sushi bar. She eats them as a cat eats fish, closing eyes because of delight.

Money isn’t the main thing

We’ve all heard the sad gold-digging stories. Maybe you even have a friend who was entrapped in one and lost some money and nerves before his wife from some foreign country released him. But that’s not going to happen with Ukrainians. They are not all crystal fair, as no nation in the world is perfect. But, aside from cases of gold-digging inherent to all nations, Ukrainian wives are much more about the emotional and philosophical sides of life than material. Surely, they are striving to normal living with a husband, who can provide money for running the house and fulfill family needs, raising children, and pampering him and his wife (which is rarely met in Ukraine due to not simple economic situation in this country, which is driven into the war by an aggressive neighbor). But most importantly, they seek for a loving and caring person, with close emotional proximity. They are not going to live with a wealthy dude if they do not care about him. And, definitely, she will not move to his country. 

Every Ukrainian bride has a strong character and is ready to show it

Everyone on Earth knows today that Ukrainians fight back with a strong fist. And this trait of character is inherent to every Ukrainian bride. They fight for what’s theirs and don’t want to lose it. If they happen to lose it, they are going to try an endless number of times to win it back – during years, decades, centuries (if it has to), but they are going to receive it. The same they are ready to fight to gain something. The character is what mostly allows people of Ukraine not to lose hope, no matter how hard the situation is. 

So if you are seeking a person with really strong character, personality, strivings, and point of view – you’ve gotta choose Ukrainian singles.

Myths about Ukrainian ladies

Along with many approved truths about pretty Ukrainian girls, there are myths, which some people specifically create to hurt the image of Ukrainians, and other people believe it consciously or not.

Myth 1: They are not emotional and never smile

As you know, Ukraine was a part of the USSR until 1991. The USSR was the block of forcefully collected countries under the Red reign, which lasted nearly 70 years. During this time, tens of millions of people across the entire USSR were incarcerated and killed because of their disagreement with the Red policy (in addition to the loss of 100 million people during WWII amongst the Reds, where at least 30 million Ukrainians were). Also, Ukrainians were one of the most flamboyant nations of the block before 1930 in population. During the great Holodomor of 1932-1933, up to 12 million Ukrainians were purposefully starved to death by the Reds in the cruel act of genocide. No wonder that with so big death toll through the history of the Red reign over Ukraine, the people of this once happy and wealthy country stopped smiling. The Reds during their slaveholding ruling were completely able to pass to Ukrainians their wolf hatred to everyone. So, the nation which up to the 1900s was one of the happiest in the world turned into one of the most suffering and unsmiling. (Maybe it was the revenge of Russians that they were under the governorate of Kyiv during 6 centuries, 882-1363.) But Ukrainians are not like this inside. Inside, among their own people and ones to whom they trust, they are ready to open up their hearts, reveal the happiness that is stiffed inside of them, and put you into a warm embrace. They have so much unrealized love that they will literally shower you with it once you have their trust. 

Myth 2: Ukrainian brides come from the country where only forests are

Indeed, Ukraine is one of the greenest countries in the world. Even the megalopolises are green because the growth of trees, grass, flowers, and other vegetation is primarily supported by the government and by the people. But it is not true that every Ukrainian woman lives on a house on a tree. But due to the closeness to nature, beautiful Ukrainian girls have increasingly healthier nutrition from year to year and the life expectancy grows (slowly but steadily). So it is a wonderful choice to marry one of them, as they prefer the ‘green’ way of living – mostly in-line with what many Americans and other Western men and women prefer to stick to.

Myth 3: it is winter all the time, so Ukrainian brides don’t go to beaches

Actually, it is quite possible to see more tanned girls on the streets than pale ones. Winters in Ukraine do not last longer than 5 months and rarely cold weather lasts more than 7 months in a year. The rest, 5-7 months, are quite weather-friendly and in 1-3 of them, it is possible to swim in lakes, rivers, and in the sea, having nice sunbaths. So, the situation differs from all-year-round-sunny Florida or California with 300+ sunny days per year but not having any suntan is an exclusion from rules in Ukraine, not a rule. So if you take your Ukrainian dating bride to your country where a lot of sun lives, she’s gotta be happy to go to the beach as frequently as possible to feel the sun on her skin, or just to open windows as wide as possible to let the sunshine in.

Why single Ukrainian women choose foreigners?

The most obvious reason is to escape from a country with low economic development, to join a wealthier living of the West. But the escape must be justified, in order not to go nowhere. Education, work, and marriage are the three main reasons for regular girls from this country how they can move to one of the prosperous countries of our blue planet. Marriage, however, is the only direction, which does not require deep language and high working skills or exceptional knowledge of anything particular. Being in this position, they, however, understand that a future husband will require from them in return such things as the creation of family coziness, nice food, fabulous sex, and learning English. They are ready to go for it.

What do you need to do to meet and marry a Ukrainian woman?

Be yourself and don’t lie – these pieces of advice apply to all relations. Ukrainian girls for marriage like no others hate being deceived and it is impossible to turn their trust back. In order to meet them, it is enough to register on dating sites. In order to catch their interest, it is enough to be a nice guy. You will deal with the rest yourself.

Will a dating site help find a bride from Ukraine?

We could present to your attention hundreds of happy stories of men who found their happiness at these sites that you can see below. But what’s the point of doing it here if you can simply google these stories yourself? Yes, the sites for dating help and much more than you think.

How dating sites help actually?

  1. Accessible and comprehensible profiles of women, which show all the necessary information on one page, easily and fully. The only exclusion is that when you browse through pictures – they can be clicked on different pages.
  2. Adding a girl to the wishlist (of selected people) so you can quickly return to her profile whenever you want to.
  3. Blocking users, with whom you don’t want to interact. 
  4. The ease of subscription and prolongation of your account. You can set up the renewal of your balance on an automated basis. 

These tools cut down the needed time to find somebody to 90%-99.9% compared to offline searches.

What are the biggest advancements of dating sites that men resort to?

Look at the links below that we give to your attention. As for the numerical qualities of them, they are as follows:

As you can see, choosing any of those dating sites means that you will not be bored with the absence of nice ladies on the database or bad performance and you will be able to find a Ukrainian bride.

Choosing Ukrainian dating websites

Below, we are considering top-5 dating sites that we have found so far, so you don’t have to bother yourself anymore with tiresome searches and googling. We’ve done this job for you, so now it is time to simply enjoy the effective selection.  

What are the best currently legitimate mail order bride sites?


Why the mentioned dating sites are worth noting? There are reasons for that:

  1. The simplicity of the registration. The primary one takes just 2-3 minutes on any of them. After that, it is best of all to fill in your profile to the fullest and attach nice pictures of yours – to make sure ladies will be hooking up with you (they are estimated, you are estimated – it’s normal in the society with democratic choice).
  2. Search form to find your Ukrainian lady, which embraces all fields available for filling by women and men (which completely describe physical and character traits of a person, strivings, goals, and the point of the registration on the site – like having friends, searching for a sex partner, or marriage). You can run the search whenever you want to & save the search settings for future reuse.

Comparison: Ukrainian wives vs other wives

Let’s compare an average Ukrainian wife to an average wife of the US:

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